Here’s a bunch of stuff that I’ve created that you may find useful.

Blog Series:

I’ve been blogging since 2001 and have learned a heck of a lot. I’ve written a few comprehensive blog post series that can seriously level-up your publishing game.


Hope I didn’t sink too much of your time.

I Kind of Like WordPress… A Lot.

I’ve been developing in WordPress for a long time. I bought a house thanks to WordPress. I’ve created Themes, Plugins (I’ve retired most of them), and tons of experimental sites. I thank God for it.

Check out my Self-Hosted WordPress Starter Kit.

Here are a few WordPress-centric stuff for you to check out:

Desk App

I have launched my dream desktop publishing client for OS X and it’s had the incredibly opportunity to be Featured in the Mac App Store! I’ve been “working” on this app ever since I started blogging (over 14 years ago) and it’s finally here. Finally.

Also, I really have enjoyed sharing my journey on this one. I blog 3-5 days a week on the Desk App Blog and am candid and transparent about the process of building, launching, and maintaining and indie app in the Mac App Store. I send a weekly newsletter out (on Tuesdays) that I am also enjoying.

You should check it all out!

The Digital Business Card WordPress Theme is an attempt at creating a very simple branding page for individuals that are comfortable using WordPress. This theme has received international attention via CNN, even being featured on CNN’s homepage at one point and one of my favorite blogs, LifeHacker right here!

It’s an oldie-but-goodie at this point. Download it.

And here is a list of other free WordPress Themes that I’ve created in the past. I don’t support these at all anymore though, FYI.

Personal Branding, Landing Pages:

I’ve created a few one-page non-WordPress branding pages / landing pages as well for those that don’t want to mess with a database.

Some of these are very old but most of them should work for you.











WordPress Plugins:

I’ve created a bunch of plugins too. Most of them are sunset at this time as I have no time to keep them updated.