How To Get Your Blog Listed on Google Currents in 5 Minutes

One of the neatest develops that has recently be released to the mobile-ready world is Google Currents which allows you to elegantly explore sites that you love in a beautiful and intuitive magazine-like fashion, available in Android and iOS devices.

If you haven’t tried it out yet you must – it’s simply brilliant and beautifully designed, and you too can be featured and published on their platform for free!

Culture is headed in such a direction where more and more people are consuming your content on mobile devices and if you’re interested in serving that growing niche and marketplace than becoming a Google Currents Producer should be on top of your list of things to at least attempt and try – especially since it’s free and won’t cost you a thing.

[tentblogger-youtube 5LOcUkm8m9w]

It took me 5 minutes. Literally. Check out my TentBlogger Google Currents Edition here for proof!

Check it out in this easy-to-follow (and brief) tutorial:

1. Get Started, Create New Edition

The first thing to do is to sign in and sign up for Google Currents Producer. It takes just a second and you’ll be in quickly.

The next thing is to create your first “edition” of your publication or blog. Just fill out the required info, like so:

Easy. Just fill it in!

The RSS feed that I use is my Feedburner address so that I can also track subscriptions through there as well. I think this is both strategic and very practical.

2. Setup Options, Features

The next step is to begin to fill out all the options and features that you have available to you. This includes the name, the description, the right industry, and graphics to go along with it:

Options to configure.

Make sure to get the right Google Analytics in there too!

3. Edit Sections

The next part is to customize your sections and design. For starters I just change the “Section Name” and leave the “Content Source” directly from feed. I don’t see value, at this point, in crawling for additional content that I may not completely control:

Leave most of these the same, for now.

You won’t have to edit any of these now but the design customization options are a nice touch!

4. Preview, Distribute and Publish!

The final thing you have to do (wow, that was quick!) is to preview, distribute and publish it!

They have a live preview for you to view in real-time but you can also view it as a popup as well:

Just verify ownership and you’ll have a direct link to your new Google Currents Edition!


You can view my Google Currents Publication right here!

They even have a dedicated landing page for you:

Make sure to copy this link and share it with everyone you know!

5. Test, Test, Test!

The final things for you to do is to test that it is, in fact, up in the library and that you can view it nicely.

I did a quick search for “TentBlogger” and there it was, instantly!

There she is...!

I subscribed and took a look – here’s what I saw:

Oh yeah. Installed.
Among the "greats"...!
Ah yah!
So pretty!
Everything is working, even images!

Wow, that was incredibly easy and stunningly-beautiful!

Again, you can do this in just a few minutes of time and then begin distributing it!

6. BONUS: Add Twitter Feed!

Interested in knowing a sweet trick to add your Twitter Feed as a section in your sweet Edition? Just do exactly the same thing as you did for the first except when you choose the RSS or atom feed put in this code:


Twitter used to have an easy RSS subscribe feature but they ditched that apparently. Just use their public API instead!

Sneaky... but works!

Done and done. Enjoy!

Let me know when you’ve completed it and share your link in the comments! I want to see your Editions!

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