Google Engage for Agencies, Adwords Training

Today I received my Google Engage for Agencies package for one of the businesses I help manage – I can’t wait to get started!

I’ve used Google Adwords before but I’ll admit that I’m not even close to being a “pro” so I thought I’d brush up even if I’m not necessarily in the market for running campaigns for clients (although I easily see some of my products my “clients”).

Heck, they even threw in a sweet looking Google hat:

I doubt I’ll be sporting it though since I’m not a big head-cover fan. All good!

You may never have thought about running Adwords or some other marketing strategies for your blog but why not, right? Especially if your blog becomes part of your overall “business” it could bring in not only some serious traffic but also some bottom-line figures.

Don’t stop learning more about what you can do to help promote your blog! There’s tons of opportunities for you to grow your blog in ways that are outside just building killer blog content (although that’s first and most important!).

So, what are you learning more about these days?

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