Google: Everywhere on Purpose

I’m not surprised, but, to see the data so plainly is striking:

We found that Google is putting results it creates, including those that refer to its own properties, in the choicest positions: 62.6 percent of the first screen was taken up by Google content, leaving just 19.2 percent for non-Google content in our sample.

We found that in more than half of searches, Google content took up at least 75 percent of the first screen. In one in five searches, non-Google content was entirely absent from the first screen.

Google’s own content is so ubiquitous on the search results page that it rivals non-Google content for dominance on the entire first page, with the categories taking up 41 and 44.8 of the available area, respectively, based on our definitions.

Google’s dominance of the search market—delivering 88 percent of the U.S. searches—means these choices have huge potential effects. Website owners depend on traffic from Google.

via The Markup

Google has a monopoly on search; folks have known this for years! And, we’ve all adapted our thinking and our behavior to follow their lead.

Frightening to think about how influential that has really been, in your life and mine. In fact, how much of Google is now fundamental in our psyche? Scary. Really scary.