Google Plus Community Hangout: Want to Start One?

Lonely... no more!

Last year I had done some neat live video events that I closed down due to lack of time and enough interest. But, our community has changed and grown since then and I think it might be time to resurrect a live video-esque type experience here at Tentblogger.

I’d love your thoughts! Here are some ideas that I’ve been brewing about:

  1. Live QA to answer your blogging questions!
  2. Round-table-like discussions centered around a few topics of community interest.
  3. Moderated discussions with guest appearances, speakers.
  4. Live How-Tos about particular subject matter.
  5. Etc…!
Love your thoughts if you have any! Is this even remotely interesting for anyone? I was thinking about using Google Plus Hangouts for these types of events.

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