Google Plus Metrics via Google Webmaster Tools

So pretty!

The next section in our Google Webmaster Tools series is the neat metrics covering the increasingly-popular Google Plus.

I’ve shared how to install it previously, how it fits in my overall social media workflow, how it impacts advertising and Google Adsense, and even how you can use it as an alternative personal branding page if you wish.

In Webmaster Tools you can see some of the results of your efforts in their metrics area, accessible from the left navigation and then dig down in a bit.

This section has continued to grow and expand and my research has shown that website owners and bloggers have seen some incredibly variable results – some hoot and holler about how important Google Plus is for a website while others have seen very little returns.

What I have decided, regardless of my results today and their efficacy, is to commit to adding it to my social media workflow simply because it’s a so close to the heart of search that I can’t ignore the possibility that it may join the models of significant ranking factors long-term.

Search Impact

Is fairly straight-forward as it simply reports how your +1’s from your audience affect your organice search traffic. To be honest, mine haven’t done an incredible job of contributing largely to the overall traffic flow but there are reports that show results more like this:

Big increase.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m not a “power user” of Google Plus in really any sense of the word so I’d love to see and hear about some other people’s success and experience!

But, there is enough change that has happened that I’ll continue to use it for sure. I do wonder if the already-good SEO results I have are limiting the impact that Plus does for me. In other words, if you’ve got good optimization already then Google Plus’ impact is not as felt or obvious.

That would be a good study for someone to do.


Activity reports how many times your pages have been given that neat +1 from your audience.

Growth is good.

The question is what to do with this information and to be honest I have very little counsel except that you should continue to share it among your friends and perhaps even encourage your audience to give it a +1 if you so wish.


Finally, there’s the audience portion that shows a general increase of +1 to your site and blog over time. I’ve steadily increased, every single day, but apparently it’s still not enough to show anything specific or conclusive.

Must keep going!

Apparently this is somewhat due to privacy as they won’t share the information until a lot of people +1 your blog. Fascinating.

Overall this section is not one that I spend a lot of time on. As my blog continues to grow and as Google Plus continues to become more widely used I will revisit it and optimize, but at this point I’m feeling good every time I skip over it.

[This is part of the Bloggers Guide to Google Webmaster Tools.]