Google+ Integration in v2.0


For the first time ever I’ll be having Google+ integration as an option to publish!

G+ is a bit different of a workflow based on their API and the options available to developers so the actual experience deviates a bit but I’ve made it as intuitive as possible for those who will be looking to leverage Pressgram in that way.

Here’s what you can expect from that experience:


Naturally you’ll first capture your experience and then write your story.

Next, you’ll choose Google Plus as one of the publishing options:


Then, if it’s your first time integrating, you’ll connect to your Google Plus account:


Again, nothing too out of the ordinary so far, right!

Choose the right account (as you might have more than one):


And then begin to choose which recipients you’d like to have:


Add any additional content if you’d like and then hit publish!


And that’s that my friend!

Here’s my post in all its glory:


You can check out the actual post here. Simple, right?

I hope you enjoy it… because I worked hard on making it work properly!