First Impressions: Google Analytics Real Time Tracking

Have you been accepted into the new real-time analytics beta via Google Analytics? I just got my keys to test drive it a few days ago and it’s been a pretty neat feature to an already great analytics system.

If you haven’t already signed up make sure that you do by going here to the Sign Up Form.

Here are some screenshots that might make your mouth water:

Traffic sources

Above is a look at traffic sources. I really like how it breaks it down and gives it some nice visual color to help your broad overview and perspective.

Main Dashboard

This is what the main dashboard looks like. I took this screenshot the moment after I tweeted out a new link to my blog.

Locations, geo-tracking

It’s got a nice map for tracking geographically your visitors. Apparently I’ve got a few people abroad from the US visiting at this point in time.

I’ve just jumped into it so I don’t have anything major to report but I do have some gut-reactions:

  • It’s a nice addition to a system that we all use and that has become a standard in analytics and reporting.
  • It’s not too pretty to look at and the UI is a bit cluttered. It’s a bit clunky to navigate as well.
  • It doesn’t appear to be as robust as some other platforms and systems that have dedicated real-time tracking.
  • No mobile support that I’m aware of.
  • Could have a better overall dashboard. To be honest, there appears to be a lot that is desired.

Ultimately it’s not something that I’m super-jazzed about but I’m not disappointed since the service is free. Can’t argue with that!

Anyone else have any thoughts, especially for those that have been accepted to the BETA? Note that it took about 2 weeks for me to get entrance to it!

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