Got It

My wife didn’t know that she married and entrepreneur and the funny thing is that I didn’t know it either, at the time. I didn’t really grow up with the word “startup” and I didn’t have many plans other than to pursue the more traditional corporate job.

via Dilbert

And when I started moving towards building and running my own companies, she was massively supportive of this because she saw, better than anyone else, that I was a much happier person when I was building things that I believed in.

Although the years have been tough (and we’ve definitely chatted lively about calling it quits a handful of times) we’re strong and committed to see it to the end, even and especially when it hurts.

We are, and have been, in “Phase 2” for quite some time now… we’re looking forward to the inevitable Phase 3… whenever that arrives.

But at least we chat about it… all the time.

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