Grace Enough

via America Magazine, Andrew Garfield:

“I have been drawn to stories that are attempting to turn suffering into beauty,” he said. “I feel like I’ve been gifted and cursed with a closeness to some grief…the grief of living….”

He paused as if gathering strength to say what he really meant, and then the source of the weariness I had sensed earlier was revealed: “…the grief of living in a time and a place where a life of joy and love is f–ing impossible.”

The movie was difficult to watch but not as difficult as I thought it would be. Rather, I found myself thinking about the events in real-time, as they unfolded before my own eyes, and wondered how I’d react and respond to the challenges that faced those in the film.

Would I respond similarly? Differently? Would my (supposed) conviction hold? Fail? How could I possibly know?

And, how far would I (you) go in our commitment to a belief? Or a project? Or a business? Or a relationship? Again, it’s just impossible to know until we’re in it and through it.

I do not particularly enjoy movies that center around suffering as it is against everything that biologically drives us (i.e. we do almost anything to avoid pain). But, it is a worthwhile exercise to submit yourself to it, even for a time, to be reminded of some of the more truer things in life.