Many years ago I used Microsoft Excel to discover the love of my life.

Yes, this is a true story.

I wasn’t originally planning on sharing this story via the blog since I shared it explicitly via the vlog but a conversation this morning reminded me that I need to capture it as much as I possibly can, especially for my kiddos.

You see, the reality is that YouTube, however big it is, might not be around forever and I want to make sure that I capture it here, on digital paper, on a system and platform that I control.

The story starts many years ago. I was coming off of a string of really bad relationships and took some time off, to reassess and to reconsider what I wanted to do, relationally.

This period of time was formative, instructive, and restorative. I had a blast being single and just trying to figure out the early years of college. Besides, I was also recovering from a suicide attempt as well so I had a bunch of issues to deal with (and still do).

When I realized that I wanted to get back “into the game” I decided to make a list of all of the women who went to my church. At the time I considered this a pre-curated list of quality candidates that I could get to know more fully.

This mechanical process was perfect for my software engineering background and just “made sense” at the time, which, now, I just laugh about.

I put all the gals names on an excel spreadsheet document and systematically invited everyone of them out on dates. This was the largest Korean church on the eastern seaboard, at the time, so there were a lot of dates!

3 friends and I overlooking the city. I have no idea where our shirts went…

To make a long-story really, really short, Sue made it to Round #3 and then we took a break. It would be only later that we would have an opportunity to come back around and for me to realize that she would ultimately be the one.

I was doing some mission work in Sarajevo, Bosnia at the time and it’s there that I would come to this realization, captured in a physical journal that I had at the time (I found it at the end of the vlog!).

And then we met up in Hartsfield-Jackson Airport in the summer of 2003 as I returned home and that was our first courtship date. One exact year later, on July 1st, 2004 I proposed.

So fresh and so clean, clean.

Yes. I had an earring.

Put a ring on dat.

The restaurant was amaze.

💍  – hehe.

This was after a full day of activity, by the way… we went Skydiving. In hindsight, this wasn’t the greatest decision…

Geared up. Tried not to die. Didn’t die.

And then, 14 months later, we were married:

And, so, that’s how that happened. But, it all started with a Microsoft (gasp) product and so that’s why I’m grateful for Excel. Worth it.

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