Great Stories


This is what great stories are made of.

The last day or so has been incredibly rough – not in a bad way, necessarily, but trying and very challenging. In short, the Kickstarter campaign was literally hundreds away from being completed and suddenly a long-time supporter (one of the first) and the largest backer rescinded his pledge.

$10,000. Gone. 20% of the campaign, evaporated.

Classic. The timing was perfect for a killer cliff-hanger. But it got better – way better.

Our small (but vocal and passionate) community rallied and we had one of the largest pledge days to date, recovering more than 50% of what was lost. I shared with our tribe that I was 100% certain that we’d still make our goal and now there’s no question that we will.

I have nothing but gratitude for my team here – we’re making an incredible story even better. I’m actually quite excited that it happened this way as I’ve learned more about leadership, integrity, and influence than I have in quite some time. It’s been way better than all those business books I consume, that’s for sure.

Everyone loves an underdog. Everyone loves a story where insurmountable odds are overcome. Everyone loves a “David vs Goliath” story. Everyone loves a narrative that has twists, turns, intrigue, palpable tension and obvious drama – it makes the story rich, it makes the story memorable, and it makes the story seriously worth telling.

A few more days, my friends, and we’ll be in the clear; then the real work begins. Don’t quit, don’t stop. Take that which was once a negative and make it more than just a positive – make it revolutionary. Fuck the resistance.

I leave you with a quote via Marcus Aurelius:

The blazing fire makes flames and brightness out of everything thrown into it.

Turn obstacles into energy; an incredible metaphor.