Groundhog Day

There was a film from 1993 starring Bill Murray that I’ll never forget: Groundhog Day.

It’s kind of been the theme of February… and now that that month came (and went)… I can see things a bit more clear.

February was a month of grinding, a month of doing the work necessary to keep things moving in all facets of life. Being a husband, dad, and business partner and software developer… last month was about showing up and not complaining.

Much of life is like that though… as we plan and schedule in our working days and our sleeping nights. Some folks work so hard to lock in on a schedule that’s repetitive and predictable while others fight against that supposed monotony.

I was chatting with my brother about this yesterday and what makes the grind bearable is the fact that I have my “why” which helps me work through all of the many, many hows.

Almost Any How

Groundhog Day? That’s cool, that’s cool.