3 Ways to Grow Backlinks and Your Blog’s Link Profile

Backlinks are the building blocks of your search engine ranking.

[This is part of the The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]

A natural follow-up to yesterday’s blog post about backlinks and your blog’s link profile is how one goes about growing it effectively.

Although there are a near-infinite amount of possibilities when it comes to creating more backlinks but they typically fall into three distinct strategies that when employed well and wisely can provide a significant increase to your search engine ranking.

Ready to grow your blog through backlinks? Here you go:

1. Organic Growth

This strategy is actually a result of amazing blog content, plain and simple. Backlinks are earned because your blog continues to pump out killer content day after day after day and people find your content worth mentioning and worth blogging about.

There is no practical or actionable element required by the search engine optimizer other than creating that content and making sure it’s easily visible – having the right WordPress Theme, WordPress Plugins, and other design-related elements can hep this endeavor greatly as well.

2. Manual Submission and Solicitation

The second way that search engine optimizers create new backlinks for their clients or for their own personal sites and blog is by simply soliciting other sites to create backlinks. They can do this in the following ways:

  • Submit to automated directories (or curated site directories) like DMOZ and many others.
  • Emailing site owners or contente creators and asking for backlinks.
  • Paying for listings.

This manual process can be time consuming but could payoff in big ways if done well. Getting your blog and/or website listed in some of the top directories and from high ranking and trusted properties will increase your rank and move you up closer to the top of any SERP.

3. User Generated

The third way that search engine optimizers and strategic bloggers can create more backlinks is by harnessing the power of user generated content – that is, using guestbooks, forum signatures, social sharing websites, blog comments, site user profiles, question and answer forums, public and open group discussions (a’la Google Groups, Yahoo Groups, etc), directories, and other such tools, widgets, and more to create as many backlinks as possible.

Remember, though, that the more natural these actions appear the better it is for you and for search engines to use them appropriately as you don’t want to bee seen as spammy.

It’s also good to note that the best search engine optimizers look for the rel=nofollow attribute in these user generated sites to see if value such as PageRank can flow easily.

[This is part of the The Blogger’s Essential Guide to Search Engine Optimization Series.]