Growing Up a Bit, Socially.

Or, at least in the social media type of way!

Any good and proper business needs to find ways to export their story as best as they can into the variety of different networks that might care (or pay attention).

This is not just about marketing (and now product) but also has to do with recruiting and hiring as well as the more obvious business needs like sales.

So, being the responsible business that we are I decided to spend a bit of time securing up some of these digital outposts if you will and put a bit of digital “lipstick on the pig” so to speak.

The first property that I tackled was Google Plus:

Pinpoint Google+ Page

One of the reasons that Google+ should be part of your digital toolkit is simply because Google runs the world when it comes to anything search. In fact, we could probably extend that to the much larger “web” space in general.

And, as such, they have naturally biased themselves to serving up search results via their own products. You can most clearly see this via video as any search now almost always has a related (not necessarily relevant) YouTube video that you can click through to and watch. The same goes with serving up images as well (their Google Image Search product).

All this means is that a Google+ Page can naturally scale a bit higher in the rankings, especially as you start publishing consistent content to the page. I’ve seen this work time and time again on the projects and businesses that I’ve put together so it is, without question, the first go-to external property.

The second is LinkedIn:

Pinpoint LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is massive and can be a very helpful part of your recruiting, marketing, and sales systems (whenever you begin to implement them).

And most of the folks that you will ultimately hire will not only be on the lookout for a LinkedIn Page but they’ll want to be able to link to it via their own profile when they say “Yes” to your offer.

As I created our public LinkedIn page I also found a moment to personally update my own profile as well:

My personal LinkedIn Profile

And what happened was an absolute deluge of attention in the form of views to my personal profile page as well as the company. This happened almost immediately:

A lot of views and attention

Of course, this isn’t a bad thing and it’s a small event that you can have multiple times over every time someone joins your company. Very positive attention, naturally.

And, of course, one of the sites that we couldn’t forget is Facebook:

Pinpoint Facebook Page

Facebook is too large to ignore and even though I do not personally use Facebook daily it’s a powerhouse when it comes to sharing information with those that might be interested.

And, Facebook advertising works, plain and simple. Even though we’re not at the stage of investing any serious dollars into any campaigns there will come a time when this will be part of the game plan and having a property now will help us gather intelligence that will serve us well when the time comes.

Our plan is now to create integration points with these channels so that they can start distributing the content that we create.

Nothing fancy and there aren’t any significant administrative tasks that are needed, day-to-day, but, the small investment now can reap long-term benefits for you and your project.

And so by starting today (I could have started Day #1, but, didn’t) I aim to take advantage of those benefits. Adding links to the blog (via WordPress) is easy and we can start testing our different distribution channels in a bit.

Finally, we’ve also created an AngelList profile page and Crunchbase but haven’t had the time to build them out fully. Like most things we’ll continue to iterate and add to them as we have time and as we find need.

The list of sites created this past week are:

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Facebook
  3. Google Plus
  4. AngelList
  5. Crunchbase

This is in addition to, of course, Twitter, our blog, and our Email Newsletter which continue to really work for us.

Per usual we’ll share our findings and the results of these properties as we use them and tell you what we learn from our experiments.