Growing, Growing, Gone!

I’m pleased to share some exciting news as we’ve hit yet-another milestone as a platform and community: The YENiverse is now officially larger than the Vatican City!

To be more specific, we currently have 810 YENizens trading, transacting, building community and sharing their lives with one another, representing 27 different countries worldwide!

Another exciting statistic that I’d love to share is the fact that our community of traders is close to clearing over $3,000,000 (in USD) through the platform and one community member has made YEN a go-to spot for much of his activity, trading over $1,000,000 (USD) since he first joined just 6 months ago!

Waqar Ansari, along with the rest of the community, have created over 20,000 unique posts that have been liked over 122,000 times! Needless to say, things are happening and the community is growing!

Consequently, we want to spend more time highlighting and spotlighting community members who are modeling our values, welcoming our newest members to the platform, and providing insight and light suggestions on who to follow and how to get the most out of our nascent community and tools.

For starters, here are a few folks that I’ve enjoyed getting know since I started just a few months ago, folks like Casey, CryptoCanadian, DJErock23, DonDon, MadStudios, and Porksodabbq!

Here’s a quick snapshot of a few of these folks and their background, story, and what they are most excited about:

Casey Flores (Casey)

Casey has been on YEN for less than two weeks and has already completed over $25,000 in trades on YEN! Casey is 28 years old, lives in Houston, and found out about Bitcoin during the 2017 boom. He loves cryptocurrency because the concept is in line with his political views and his dream is to have financial freedom in the near future. 

I like YEN more than any other social media platform. I have been getting a few people to join and I am excited to see what the future holds for YEN.

Casey Flores

Graham Pierce (CryptoCanadian) 

Graham has been actively learning about Bitcoin since 2012, but has only been trading since 2017. He told me that he is still constantly learning and doesn’t mind making mistakes while looking for an edge.

He is always down to help others if they want to learn to trade, and he says that risk management is the most important thing to consider when trading cryptocurrency.

You can follow him here: @CryptoCanadian

Frank Dashwood (DJErock23)

Before Frank discovered cryptocurrency, he “resigned” himself to a 9-5 minimum wage job. After Frank discovered cryptocurrency, he has been actively trading and improving his life for the better!

He even has a YouTube Channel where he discusses cryptocurrency and heavy metal. What a mashup!

So far, my experience with the YEN community has been super positive by comparison to Twitter, and Facebook.

I hope it continues to grow, and keeps this rare virtue of civility!

Frank Dashwood

Not on YEN and interested in joining? Request early access here!

Yenicorn Image courtesy of Csider702 via The Bitcoin Pub