Georgia Tech Alumni Magazine Shoutout


This is kind of neat.

I graduated from Georgia Tech with a Bachelor of Science in what ended up being a hodge-podge assortment of classes that somehow coalesced into a legit degree. I was lucky to even graduate and should have been a college dropout.

But I somehow survived and lived to tell all about it.


I left thinking I’d never have anything to do with that institution but over the years I’ve appreciated my degree more and more and the relationships that I’ve made post-graduation. That’s been pretty neat to see.

In their most recent Alumni Magazine they gave me a shoutout that really shocked me and I just sort of stared at it for a bit. Nothing really much to say except “Whoa… curious…

Thanks to whoever tipped them off and thanks to the GT Alumni Association for sporting me some real estate. Neato. That certainly brightened my day.

Now, back to coding…

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