A Guide to Online Friendships

This is great:

I have written this guide based on my experience of attending an online high school, where my friends and I could not see each other in person often.

Out of necessity, we became good at online communication, and we figured out systems and strategies that helped us stay connected. Because of this, we were able to maintain our friendships across distances and time zones, even after we graduated and there was nothing connecting us other than our own efforts.

This successful experience, along with some less successful ones, has prompted me to think a lot about what factors make online friendships work. I hope these thoughts can be helpful to others, both in social distancing times and beyond.

via Calder Hansen

This kid has acquired so much wisdom:

The challenges of maintaining contact online can hit especially hard if one is struggling emotionally.

Be mindful about which of your friends might be going through a hard time, and consider reaching out to provide care and connection. Or, if you are the one struggling, remember that any human connection, even online, can help.

Incredible. I would have had such a different experience during that particular age if 1) There was covid-19 and 2) I cared more about this stuff than video games.