I’m not sure when I first heard of the proverbial, rhetorical expression about the fullness of a glass, but, I did struggle for quite some time on which perspective I held more naturally.

via Dilbert

In the beginning, I leaned very heavily toward the glass being half empty and felt like I had a natural pessimism toward the people and the world.

I felt like I was always having to choose between two very decent options – I felt as if the world was effectively a zero-sum game. Similarly, I most definitely had a scarcity mindset instead of a growth one.

But over time I changed my tune and I’m not quite sure when it happened… my gut says that it happened sometime during one of my first companies that I was putting together and one of my cofounders at the time actually asked, straight-up, if I was a glass half-full type of person or a glass half-empty.

Funny thing is, he already had an answer and was absolutely certain that he was correct. He knew me pretty well and it definitely impacted my thinking.

I’m an entrepreneur – there’s simply no way around that at this point and it’s taken me years to finally lean into that word, own it, and actually appreciate what it means to me.

What gets me out of bed in the morning is the incredibly sense of possibility that lays just outside of my reach; I can taste it, smell it, I see and hear it too.

I just can’t quite touch it yet, but, that doesn’t discourage me; instead, it makes me even more committed to the work ahead.

Every situation that we encounter can be seen from a multiplicity of different perspectives – we need both sides of the table (or glass) if we’re going to change the world.

And I guess I’ll bring the half-full perspective.

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