Hamelin Notebooks: Better Than Moleskine?!

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As many of you know, I’m a super-fan of physical notebooks and all of the projects (and full-blown startups!!) were originally based on concepts and art and ideas that I captured in some of what I consider are the best writing notebooks ever created.

But, recently I was graciously sent a handful of new notebooks to try and I captured some of my candid, first-impressions on my vlog:

You can learn much more about Hamelin and their history (they’ve been around since 1864…!) if you’d like but the final impressions are quite positive, especially when it comes to the issue of bleeding ink through the page.

You can actually see in the vlog that their OPTIK™️ PAPER (learn more here) is actually quite good and has significantly less bleed than the current Moleskine notebook that I’m using.

That’s kind of a big deal if you ask me! And, especially now that I have a direct comparison, I’m a little upset that my current, half-used Moleskine notebook doesn’t have Hamelin’s level of paper quality!

A few more pictures for your eyeballs:

Really appreciate Hamelin reaching out to me and allowing me to give them a real test! I’m particularly excited to use the graph paper one for some new concepts that I’m working on for my company’s product, YEN, and a few other random ideas that I’ve been noodling on.