Happening Without Us

I love this so much:

In fact, Microsoft would never have happened without Paul. In December 1974, he and I were both living in the Boston area—he was working, and I was going to college. One day he came and got me, insisting that I rush over to a nearby newsstand with him. When we arrived, he showed me the cover of the January issue of Popular Electronics. It featured a new computer called the Altair 8800, which ran on a powerful new chip. Paul looked at me and said: “This is happening without us!” That moment marked the end of my college career and the beginning of our new company, Microsoft. It happened because of Paul.

I’m first grateful to Paul and his work with Microsoft since I really got my beginning with computers and technology with Windows (shortly after getting and playing around with my dad’s Mac).

But, even more so now because his sentiment is exactly how I feel (and felt) about decentralized protocols, blockchain, and bitcoin – even though I haven’t been in the industry for that long I knew that when I first seriously encountered it that I couldn’t miss out.

In fact, I may have said something very similar to what Paul said:

Bitcoin is happening and it’s happening without me.

Consequently, I’ve gone all-in (and things are only getting started!). Don’t forget Amara’s Law, by the way, because if you underestimate bitcoin you’re going to be on the losing end… don’t let all of this happen without you!