Happiness is Direction

One of the wonderful things about happiness is that it’s very possible to actually create it from nothing.

Meaning, you can literally manufacture it for oneself whenever you need! It’s not a difficult idea to grasp but it is a bit harder to practice.

One of the corollaries might be the idea that direction (any direction for that matter) is clarifying because it forces the question of whether you’re headed in the right direction or not.

Standing still is the opposite. Yes, there are moments where it’s better to not move, at all, for a period, but, I can not think of too many examples that could not also be encountered by simply making a quick decision and not stopping forward progress.

Earlier, faster, and with more conviction. Because, why the hell not? Lead with strength or do not lead at all. There are many more folks who are willing to carry the banner more strongly than you and, at some point, your troops will abandon you for greater and more exciting adventures.

And there are many adventures out there. Why — ultimately — would they head towards another one? Because they all just want is direction; all they want is what you want: Happiness.

Create direction for your team; build velocity and momentum through quick decision-making; be ruthless when it comes to focus. Never give up.

[This post was originally published on Indie Hackers.]