Happy Birthday Bitcoin

10 years ago, today, one of the most truly innovative and disruptive technologies and movements was born:

The original message that started it all…

The last 10 years have been unbelievable and the next 10 years will be even more so (which is very difficult to even imagine). I be honest, no one knows where we’ll be in the year 2028 but it’ll be something very, very special.

And I plan on being there to see it happen, live and in person… because I’ve dedicated my professional (and personal) life to building product(s) (like YEN) within the decentralized space.

Here’s the thing: Every day I am more certain that I’ve made the best professional decision of my entire life and that I will be rewarded beyond my wildest dreams if I can continue to build something that matters and that creates value for a ton of people.

Being rewarded is much more than just a financial return; it’s knowing that you’ve indelibly left a mark on other people and that their interaction with you (and your creations) has left an obvious and clear net-positive result that will last them a lifetime.

What more can you ask in terms of a fulfilling career? What more could you want?

I’ve found it in bitcoin. I see it everyday with my (growing) team. I experience it when I see the community that I’m part of invest their own valuable time and resources into the same beliefs and technology and when they take what we’ve done and made it their own.

So, happy birthday bitcoin – you’ve changed my life and I’m so grateful for it.

Thank you Satoshi… where ever you (all) are.