Hasn’t Been A Couple Hours

Damn.  It hasn’t even been like a couple hours since that last entry, and I’m already entering another one.  (***Curse you Hana Ishikawa!!!***…  haha. j/k. *smooch!*  <——she’s the one that got me into this…) 

Project: XANGA

Anyway, I just got back from my so- called ‘lunch break’ and instead of getting something to eat, I went to my 5th grade sisters dance to chaperone.  Instead of getting kicked out like last time, I actually got to stay…  Yeah!!!  I swear, breakdancing iz NOT a crime… It’s an artform.  Peeps just don’t appreciate it no more.   Yah.  Man, I should do some work here… Thats what I’m getting paid for…  For all you suckas that don’t have jobs, goto http://www.acuvue.com/teen to see what I’m doing.  This is designed to get teens to buy contacts, nahmene?  Yah, take a look at some of my work.  (and give me props)