One of the Most Important Rules of Blogging Is…

I seriously love what I do!

There are a lot of very important elements that have made a number of bloggers (and their blogs) successful. They would (and have) shared with their audiences great tips and tricks of what has helped them succeed and possibly “rules” to follow to emulate their success.

I would most likely agree with all of them, but here’s one of my top “rules” that I keep without question…

If you’re not having FUN then take a break or stop!

I have gone further, faster, because I like what I do and have a blast doing it. The “fun” meter helps me tell if I’m in the right place and helps me be as productive as I am.

And when I’m not I simply take a break, and wait. Perhaps for a brief moment or a long time.

I also think that this translates implicitly and explicitly to your readers as well! Your readers aren’t stupid and they can most likely tell when something is “forced.”

I’m having fun – a lot of it – and when it’s done it’s done!