Have We Lost Ourselves?


“We were meant to live for so much more… have we lost ourselves?”

Man, sometimes lyrics to some of the songs on the radio speak some wicked truth.  Nahmene?

Here is something to think about.  Check this.  Everytime you turn on your computer, you stare at the black screen and then suddenly the blue logo appears! 


But, I realized something…  Remember Constantine?  He was one of the two main contenders that emerged in the Western Empire to claim succession to the fallen Empire of Rome in 200CE, or somewhere around there.  He fought Maxentius for control, and the night before Constantine’s big victory, he had a vision of a flaming cross in the sky and heard these words:

“In this sign you shall conquer.”

The next morning he ordered that his army’s shields and standards be inscribed with the monogram XP, which are the Greek letter Chi and Rho, which stands for Christos, or Christ…!

So, I’m thinking…  Dang son!  Bill Gates in the Anti-Christ of the Corporate Technological world! … Nah, that’s a little extreme.  But, it amused me for a bit.  Maybe Windows Chi Rho is suggesting that this Windows Operating System is the Christ of all Operating Systems!!!  …

Shiz, i like Macs.

But, for all those who have now seriously become enlightened and now can’t ever live again with seeing the Windows XP logo without blaspheming Mr. Billy Gates, then, do this.

Goto Start Menu > Run > type ‘msconfig’ > goto the tab ‘BOOT.INI’ > check the box /NOGUIBOOT

That way, one, your system will boot up faster and you won’t have to see the Windows XP Logo anymore!



In other news, petakun is headed to Korea soon.

Yo doggs, pray for that monkey, cause, man…  He’ll be there for a year, at least, teaching english to the ‘natives’…  haha.  He’s the FOB now son.

So, anyways, this is his certificate of death, as seen above.  He’s a dead man…  For CHRIST SON!  FO SHO!  Hopefully he’ll get a bigger stick to fight the hatin’ koreans…  shiz.


HAHA!  If you wanna keep tabs on da brother, goto http://www.thejrock.com  Petakun will be updating regularly about his experiences in the monkey motherland.

Peace yo.  God be with.