Headed BACK to Atlanta

This post has been a long time coming… and is pretty much the reason I’ve been so AFK in the last few weeks.  But, it’s big big BIG news:

We’re headed BACK to Atlanta.

Where to begin…?

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks (or month perhaps), a whirlwind of activity, and some extremely late nights as we’ve been either on our knees before an Almighty God petitioning Him passionately about where He’s leading my family… or on our knees scrubbing the milk-and-cheerio-stained (thanks Roenne) carpet and floor in prep for our house to be put up on market.

But God has been extremely faithful and extremely good during this time and has confirmed deeply in our hearts that this is the right next step for us, even though this next step feels like one giant leap of faith.

So… What Will We Be Doing?

The quick ‘n’ dirty is that I’ve accepted a full time position as North Point Community Church‘s newest Web Creative Director.

This will be an amazing opportunity for me to combine my passion for the Gospel of Jesus Christ and the skills that I have in web technology… and work with a rockstar team and staff that are fanatics about using anything and everything for the Glory of His Name.

Obviously this means that I’ve left the corporate cubefarm and headed into FT Ministry, which is an adventure in and of itself and has been a long standing desire for both Sue and I. We just never thought it was going to be at this point in our lives, this “early” on, or that it would look anything like this.

But that’s God, right?

It harkens back to something one of my DTS professors said in regards to how God works in the lives of men:

What God has done in the past is a model and promise of what He’ll do in the future… but He’s too creative to do the same thing the same way twice.

So very true… in so many ways.

As a result we’ve put our beautiful house up for sale last friday (another WordPress install… haha.) and are praying hard that this darn thing will sell.  And if you know anyone who needs a beautiful house in Round Rock (especially a recent transplant for Dell perhaps…?) please send them the link: http://www.roundrockhouse4sale.com!

So… What’s the Timing?

We’re flying back into Atlanta in *gasp* 5 days and we’ll spend a week there (I’ll be ramping up with the rest of the staff and Sue will be looking for our new digs).  We’ll then come back here in Austin and I’ll be telecommuting for a bit and packing up the house.

I’ll be in Atlanta, regardless of whether the house is sold, by approximately mid-October…  wow.  It’s coming up fast.

Then we’ll somehow, by God’s Grace, coordinate a transition when the house sells and shack up somewhere in Alpharetta.  w00t.  The simple fact that Atlanta-words are coming back into my vocabulary is exciting!

But what, really, is the most exciting thing (besides the fact that we’re following God’s Calling into something that my wife and I have always wanted to do) is that we’re headed to the land of real Sweet Tea and WaffleHouse.


Anyways, there’s so much more to share about how God has made all of this possible, but it’s friggin’ 4:00am on a Tuesday and I really should be sleeping.

Thanks Austin for a great ride… we’ll miss you deeply… and we’ll be back.