New Headshots for 2014



The term “headshot” always made me giggle a bit because my first thought isn’t related to a professional picture or portrait of someone’s head or face for professional and corporate needs but rather a distinct visual of a bullet passing through someone’s skull in a video game (Unreal Tournament) and this glorious sound clip:

Graphic, I know, but after giving that game a few thousand hours of my time I can’t seem to shake it.

C’est la vie.

At least once a year I try to have a new set of photos taken for a variety of practical purposes (for public speaking engagements, interviews, and other random digital collateral).

This is a very simple yet important strategy in the fine art of digital branding and I highly recommend getting updated pics annually; and you don’t have to go crazy with the cost either!

I had a few done earlier this year for Jezebel (see them here) but they weren’t exactly headshots so I’m glad I could get these done right.

Here’s the mix:

This set was taken by @MikaelaHamilton who also did a bunch of these for my Atlanta Iron Yard Team. We went “team building” after the photoshoot at a local paintball and got some real “heatshots” out of each other:

I took some video but most of them came out badly. Eh. Here’s one that I created via Hyperlapse:

Good times, good times.