Health and Pressgram….Perfect

The other day I was asked by a close friend why am I writing about health on the Discover Pressgram Blog? Now to be honest I knew a question like this was due anytime now and I really thought I had the answer. When it came to answer I stumbled a little since I felt on the defensive but then out of the blue my voice and confidence came back  and I answered.


To me Pressgram and health go hand in hand if you are into photography and looking at health through photos. Think about the word health and all that is defines. Health isn’t just about looking good. Health is about feeling good both on the inside and the outside. The thing is how do people express their healthy feelings. As a health blogger I see it in their faces, their movements when they walk, their exercising and their enjoying meals.

Not that every person is healthy. They are the unhealthy ones also. The thing is through Pressgram and all of its great features you can take those expressions on other faces and document a healthy photo journal and even describe what you see to others. Or even ask the person being photographed while the healthy look? I did that the other day and the answer was perfect. The woman I asked said because she woke up and went outside stood in the sun and felt totally alive and rejuvenated. Best answer I swear.

The thing is when you are out there walking around I am sure you see so many people looking and acting healthy and those are the pictures that make up a perfect photo journal for Pressgram. Whether they are healthy or unhealthy share the photos and describe what you see.

The Quality of Life series is a post away and we will be talking about Business and the Quality of Life.

Enjoy your week!


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