Trading Health and Happiness for Money


Sometimes the best thing to do is to take some time off, do some hard “resets” about everything, and then begin again. Unfortunately, if you’re somewhat like me, I don’t always get to choose these things (as much as I’d like) and they have to get chosen for me.

Why? Because time off isn’t something that I necessarily enjoy. My mind can atrophy quickly if I’m not engaged and the challenges of maintaining good mental health is ever-constant.

Consequently, it means that I often have to be told or forced to take this time off, even when the people who love me the most (and who I respect the most) tell me that I should. My wife and my family, of course, are the first level guardians for these types of things.

One of the most important things that we all need is the right and most healthiest work environment, a place where we can be challenged and grow and create incredible value for things that matter. When we’re the most honest with ourselves we may realize that we’re lacking much in these departments.

I believe that all of these things need to be actively in play so that you can stay healthy and have the impact that we all desire. If you don’t have one of them (or an area of the organization is seriously lacking) it doesn’t really matter the depth and/or quality of the other factors – it’ll poison the rest and overtime will become the reason why you end up leaving.

I (and you) want to work in healthy environments, with healthy people, or at least with people willing to get healthy and who are aware of the challenges that exist when doing hard work.

None of us are naive enough to believe that any work environment is perfect but, what we are looking for is a place and a culture that is self-aware enough to know the difference between what is and what can be.

And money, although important, is never really at the center of these things.