Heart Leads Life

I recently did another podcast interview and near the end the host asked the audience if they’d like to hear more of me (imagine that…) on a more regular basis; apparently they’ve been getting some good responses to that question and they’ve shared some of the responses with me like this:

Yes! Just listened to the latest interview with him and would love a deep dive. Listened to a lot of interviews over the years and read his blog while it was tent blogger. Love John because his heart leads his life rather than external approval. I want to be like John and I hope an ongoing interview series will form a new collective of people rooting for his health and happiness.

I couldn’t be more chuffed (I’ve been watching the Great British Baking Show… and the contestants say that a lot…) about this comment and I’m humbled by it.

I never really thought about how my heart leads me in my decision-making but I think this person is right. Although I spend a great deal of time “in my head” I ultimately make most (all…?) of my more-serious decisions based on what my heart is telling me at the time.

This has lead me to great and amazing adventures and has also lead me to disappointment and gross despair… I suppose the heart can do that at times.

The heart gives life and be the source of great pain, but even then it reminds you that you’re alive.