The Best WordPress Podcast Ever: Hello Dolly

Puaha. I’m not obligated to say that but I believe it’s going to be true. Besides, go big or go home, right?

WP Daily‘s got a lot of neat things planned including the introduction of a new podcast called Hello Dolly that we hope is going to be a lot more helpful than the plugin that you have-but-never-activated, right?



Tom McFarlin is providing the leadership behind much of Hello Dolly at this point which is neat because it isn’t something that he conjured out of thin air – it was demanded by the audience and passionate community that he’s been engaged with.

I like that and it plays nicely with the ethos around all things WordPress: Community.

I’m not sure when I’m slated to grab a set of earphones and join in on the fun but I will from time to time – I have to get in line like everyone else that Tom has slated for interviewing!

So please Subscribe via iTunes and rate that junk up! We’d love to hear your feedback and thoughts about how we can make it the very best that it can possibly be.