Hello World!

This is, of course, our obligatory “Hello World” post and is our first blog post among many related to Desk App.

At this point in time there are 8 people who know about this project in the most recent conceptual phase but the excitement is electric! I first conceived of this application more than 11 years ago in a blog post dated in May of 2002.

To think that it all began so long ago…

I was on a road trip with my brother down the Florida coastline and I had just gotten my feet wet in a more formalized blog CMS system whereas I had previously been uploading static .html files to a web server for my “weblog.” I wrote how I was sad that I couldn’t blog while I was in transit and that I had to wait until I had an internet connection.

In essence I wanted an intuitive, flexible, local and always available system to draft my posts in so that I could capture those thoughts when they were the most fresh. Life continued on and many things changed but what never changed was my love for publishing. I eventually built my career around publishing technology and haven’t regretted a single moment.

But, I still didn’t have my perfect desktop publishing system. I waited and waited and waited to see if anyone would build one and I wished and hoped and prayed for one to arrive. It never did.

So, I endeavored to build it myself. In my mind’s eye it will be everything that I’ve ever wanted it to be and yet, at the same time, full of ripe potential as the publishing ecosystem is transforming rapidly every single day before our very eyes. The future is very bright for online publishing as our dependence on communication will never be removed.

In fact, it’s more important than ever before: It’s how we build multi-billion dollar organizations and industries and how we communicate truth and love to those that we hold most dear. It’s not only our future but also our legacy. Publishing is one of the most important responsibilities that we have as people, as humans.

So it is with great fear and trepidation that I embark on creating an application worth using, an application that understands how important it truly is to capture thoughts and words and the life-transforming stories and narratives that move our world forward as we look passionately at what’s come and gone.

That is our mantra, our mission, our call.