Hello World Tattoo

. . . .  .  . – . .  . – . .  – – –  . – –  – – –  . – .  . – . .  – . .

Above is “hello world” in morse code which is something I’ve been fascinated with since I was very, very young.

And there is an obviously something deeply personal about “hello world” since it’s one of the first programs that I ever put together (many of you readers will have fond memories of this via Java… public static void main…) and also the very first blog post (the title) that one typically writes.

WordPress specifically auto-generates your first blog post for you.

So, the two ideas blend perfectly to encapsulate what I essentially have done with my life as I am clearly a writer of apps and prose.


Right leg

But why morse code? I think there’s something distinct about analogue methods of communicating and in a world that’s making a beeline for digital I think we’re oftentimes missingout on some of the bare essentials. You know, the real stuff that makes communication just as much an art as it is a science.

I never want to forget, either, my mother teaching me to type on her IBM Selectric and that tactile response and the noise associated with communication. My father has his father’s old morse code device which he is shipping me soon and I can’t wait to take care of this precious and powerful device.

Anyways, I decided to come up with something that tied all these things together and here’s what I came up with:


We spaced the “dots” and “dashes” out.

Finding time for something like this was a challenge and somehow I found some time yesterday after two soccer games and my normal morning daddy duties.

And so it begins...

And so it begins…

The entire operation took 5 (!!!) hours of time. I had originally planned on doing it in two sittings with the outline first and then the fills later but after the outline I decided to just go all the way.

I’ll admit that it was a tough decision since the pain was pretty intense, especially along bone and the fleshy areas behind my knee:

But, what the hell. Let’s go for it. And here’s the finished product right out of the chair:

I took a few videos for my daughters who were curious about the process and procedure as well:

We’re almost done here:

I’m having some trouble walking today since my leg feels as if it’s on fire but otherwise I’m quite pleased with the result!

UPDATE: Here’s the story behind it via my vlog: