Help Others Find Purpose, Process

There’s purpose in what you’re doing, even the mundane things. It may not feel like it – I mean, there have been many times in my life where I feel like I’ve been literally wasting away.

But, that feeling doesn’t last long because I, like most of you, want to be living a purpose-driven life. I want to wake up knowing that the things that I’m doing and the people that I serve has meaning, weight, and that there’s a deeper reason for it all.

And if I don’t feel like that then I move on, I shake things up because no one is necessarily going to do it for me. In fact, usually, most folks are so busy trying to figure out their own lives that they have very little time to help others out.

Which is sad and unfortunate, really. If you’re farther down the proverbial path and you’ve figured a few things out (not perfectly, of course, nor completely) then it’s your job and responsibility and opportunity to pour into others, to help them become more purposeful through their own process.

It may not be the way in and through which we discovered our own peace, but, it’s something we can gift to someone else – and that’s reason enough to do it.

This holiday season, this break that you have, I hope you’re resting, recovering, and reconsidering your own investments of time and energy. I hope you include other folks in your own wrestling. I hope you help others wrestle as well.