Help Others Know More

I like simple things. I like keeping things simple. I like it when life can be easily understood by simple principles. I like solving simple problems too. This is how I try to orient my life: Simple ways to do life better than I did yesterday.

Like this:

The best thing a human being can do is to help another human being know more.

Charlie Munger

We can lose track of how simple (and profound) these types of ideas can be – that they move the human race forward in important ways.

Management philosophies and the ways through and by which we lead other human beings to do their best work can sometimes be reduced to simple isms from time to time.

Could it be that easy to build a (startup) culture around simple ideas? Perhaps that’s how it’s best done anyway as we can make things complicated later.

What are you doing to help the people in your life know more? Could someone orient their entire life around this mission and goal?

I think so.

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