Happy, Healthy… Productive.

I’m working on all 3 of these things… and it’s getting easier every single day:

The wonderful thing about the next season of my life is that I feel less and less pressure to do my art and, as a direct and immediate consequence, my literal life.

Here’s the neat thing… I’ve been able to reduce my life down to 2 simple streams of my existence, my purpose, and my (meta)physical presence in life: The times where I’m doing my art and the times that I’m not.

And for that I am deeply grateful as this simplification allows me to operate with less anxiety in my life and helps me cope more effectively with all of the fun — yet challenging — changes in my family’s life.

I’m grateful for the amazing teams that I have around me, my family squad, my startup team, and the greater YENIVERSE community and my friends who keep me sane.

These are good times; great times even. So grateful.