On Changing Twitter Handles (@Saddington → @8BIT)

Last night I finally decided to change up my Twitter handle again.

For those that have been around this isn’t entirely out of character as I’ve done it a handful of times over the years, but this one is significant namely because I said I’d never do it again.

8bitAnd, the fact that I’m moving away from my proper name (@Saddington) to one that is, well, not a proper name (@8BIT).

I’m also doing something pretty dramatic is that I’m not “swapping” usernames either, which I could do if I wanted.

The benefit of a swap is that I get to keep not only all of the historical tweets on @Saddington but I also get to keep all of the followers, which currently stands at 176,000+:


I’d imagine that most people might think that my decision to simply start using another Twitter handle makes very little sense but for me it makes the most sense because of a few things.

The first is that I’ve been feeling that my usage of Twitter has significantly changed since I started using it and the recent changes this calendar year were significant as well. First, I took a small break, then I quit, then I came back after 6 months.

I have teetered between feeling like I could live without it to feeling like there were a few things I still wanted to try which I why I came back.

I’ve also loved how my usage has changed based on how I now feel about the service as a whole and how I am not addicted to it as I once was. I don’t check it every other minute and tweet on a handful of times a day; sometimes I forget to tweet.

So I’ve just wanted to do something different and change things up a bit. By the way, changing your mind about something is something I value a lot.

Secondly, @Saddington is completely bloated with inactive followers and is a mess of an account in general. It’s too large for my taste and the # of followers that I have is no longer that big of a deal, to me or to the rest of the world (or so I think).

So, giving me an opportunity to do a reset of sorts on the followers is important to me. I’d like to be more engaged with a smaller number of people, if I can, and shedding the huge follower count and an old account allows me to do this.


Finally @8BIT is not without it’s own history as well. First created on November 20th, 2009, it was the name of one of my previous startups and businesses which I and a friend started in a coffee shop in Atlanta, GA. I had dreamed of a “new kind of content company” and what eventually was birthed was an award-winning product and some of the first content networks of their kind in certain industries.

Eventually the two core products were acquired by leaders within the space, WooThemes and WPEngine to be specific. At that time the partners decided to make @8BIT dormant and just let it sit.

8BIT Partners, 2013

A few months ago I pinged my previous partners and asked for their permission to resurrect a few old Twitter accounts and URLs that were available but not active. All of them gave me the “green light” to use them and that felt great that I had their support. The original business domain had been redirecting to this site since we shut the org down and there’s been enough time in-between for people to have moved on.

Consequently, using a previous Twitter handle that I love allows me to have that reset on Twitter followers that I’d like to have and gives me an opportunity to resurrect a much-loved handle that’s pretty much awesome to boot.

I mean, when I first got the @8BIT handle I couldn’t believe my luck! I’m a child of the 80’s, love retro video games, and it’s an incredibly-short username. Hey, what’s not to love?

So, that’s that. Who’s to say if it’s going to be the last username change that I do, but, at least I’ve got options to choose from at this point in time.

I hope to see you on there and if you do make the change to following @8BIT from @Saddington… I want to say Thank You. I have no freakin’ idea why you’re still doing that, by the way, but I’m glad that you are.

[The first image in this post was a pretty big milestone event in the life of that company as we moved into our first “real” office and got an official nameplate for our space. I will never forget that feeling, it was amazing. Oh, and of course, high-fives all around to my 8BIT Team, Chris, Jared, Tom, Michael, Stephen, Jason, Eric, and the rest of the larger team and community!]



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