A really neat, new mobile app has come out that is really put together quite well and appears to be the next iteration of audio-logging, audio blogging, voice chat… or some combination thereof.

It’s called Anchor and you can check it out here.


Too bad, too sad.

But, I spent 2 days on it and then I deleted it. Why? Because I simply do not have time and my life is far too complex already to handle any more social applications.

In fact, yesterday morning was an important one for me as I decided that I would center all my time around the very few things that would push the startup that I’m working on forward. Everything else would cease, any and all distractions, even the ones that are neat and new and exciting, would not make it.

Focus is what I’m after. I reviewed one of Sam Altman’s lectures on startups and he said this:

… the trick to great execution is to say no a lot. You’re saying no ninety-seven times out of a hundred, and most founders find they have to make a very conscious effort to do this. Most startups are nowhere near focused enough. They work really hard-maybe-but they don’t work really hard at the right things, so they’ll still fail. One of the great and terrible things about starting a start up is that you get no credit for trying. You only get points when you make something the market wants. So if you work really hard on the wrong things, no one will care.

The founders really set the focus. Whatever the founders care about, whatever the founders focus on, that’s going to set the goals for the whole company. The best founders repeat these goals over and over, far more often than they think they should need to. They put them up on the walls they talk about them in one on ones and at all-hands meetings each week. And it keeps the company focus.

There’s so much wisdom in these words it’s nuts. The repetition part is something I just wrote about a few days ago!

Setting the tone for the company, the pace at which we move, and being as focused as possible is vital for the startup to survive. Anything extraneous or unnecessary has to be killed.

Even cool, new apps like Anchor.

Focus… is… everything.