She’s a Hidden Treasure

Spent last night with her at the fountain…  Just a good time.  I’ve really fallen fast here.  I don’t understand it sometimes.  We just sat there and laughed and held eachother. 

Project: XANGA

Nothing else in the world was gonna bother us…  I feel so at peace with this girl.  Wendy… Why can u do this to me.  I sometimes don’t understand things like this.  Kym said it was ‘meant to be’… circumstance and chance…  thats what i think.  I remember sitting at the fountain once before.  this time was different.  i was talking with someone and i could get something out of her… I was happy.  although, the only thing that went wrong is there were a couple mosquitos… son’s of bitches… *ack.  she got bit on the cheek… hehe.  how kyoot.  but shes mad.  ahah…  she’s changed me so much.  I’m open to relationships.  I’m not closed to them as much.  I’m willing to try, watever the risk…  We’re just dating i suppose.  Nothing official or anything.  but hell, its fun, and we’ll take our time.  I like how things are going.  She’s a really great girl.  despite what other’s think or what she thinks…  its all bullshit.  she’s a hidden treasure… so much there, but you have to work so hard to find it sometimes…  but, it keeps me on my toes and keeps it interesting.  i just love holding her…  Spent that night back at her place, trying on color contacts… didn’t really think that color contacts on asian females looked all that good… but she’s different.  the green ones looked cool.  maybe she’ll get some.  I guess ill write more…  I’m gonna goto some xi kappa meeting at juniors… free food?  yah… hopefully… haha.  me, a frat guy… im too muc of an individual…. thats the problem… and maybe its good.  but whatever… im hungry… ive been busy and haven’t even eaten today…. damn… im hungry….ok… im out… peace.