Highly Unreliable

A startup, by definition, is speculative, an investment of time and resources and emotion that involves a high risk of loss and/or failure.

It is one based on conjecture and zeal for the improbable (or impossible); but you do it anyway because you believe that the future that you see can be achieved.

In this way, then, one might find themĀ right on track, despite a highly unreliable forecast. This is because it’s really about the journey and not the end.

I was reminded of this when I watched these stories from Professional Scabble Players (I had no idea this was a thing but I am not surprised) as they shared their own, sometimes humbling experiences of playing the very best:

I love some of the stuff near the end:

Even though I lost the championship, I realized at that moment that I could be as good as anyone else.


The game is so deep I could never finish learning about it.


Nobody likes to lose, everyone likes to win… it’s really about the journey than the end.

Of course it is, of course it is.

You see, the highly unreliable nature of a startup is what makes it so darn exciting. You wake up not entirely sure what you’ll encounter and not entirely sure of how you’ll feel about those encounters.

But you do know that it’ll be exciting and rewarding, even if you don’t get to the supposed “best” end game.

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