Hikki CD

Well, I’m running on about an hour of sleep, chilling in the library listening to my new Hikki cd, and uh, trying to stay concious…

After getting one big sandwhich from quizno’s, about 2 hours later, I went out with Todd, Su, and Andrew and went to Eats.  I told myself that I wasn’t hungry, but, obviously, I was, cause I ate the entire meal.  Tight.  It was so good.  So, I had two huge meals yesterday about a couple hours apart.  I can’t believe my stomach held all that…  But, yeah, that was really good, we just chilled and talked about future plans and what not.  Talked a lot about hair, and how Andrew was gonna grow it out.  The next time he’s gonna cut it will be after he gets back from France…  It’s gonna be so long!  And, after that, I was like, dude, I haven’t had long hair in a while, so, yeah, I decided that I’m gonna grow mine out till the end of the semester.  So, that was a really good time of fellowship and just chilling with a good bunch of guys/girl.  We went to baskin robbins after that and I had some good ice cream.  Been awhile, ne?  We talked about comics, and man, Su has read so many!  She has read “Infinite Gauntlet”!  What is up with that?!?  Man, she is so widely read, its sick.  Tight.  We headed back, and once I got back, I bleached my hair, my entire head.  I documented the process on camera.  I’ll post that up I guess.  I missed the very bottom in the back and my left sideburn… Looks kinda goofy, but, oh well.  I could correct it, i think, with some stuff left over, but, it’s gonna get cut anyway, sometime.  I was thinking about going old skool and doing the long hair parted down the middle and then shaved underneath, an idea from Todd.  Mad tight.  Su headed to the library and I called her up and I asked if she wanted some company, and, of course, she gives me the neutral answer of ‘it doesn’t matter, I can do it both ways.’  Of course…  But, i told her I’d be up there in an hour after I do my hair.  Well, I got all my reading done, pretty much, and I didn’t have much work to do, and I thought, well, I could start one of my essays, but, that didn’t happen.  Instead, I got there around 12:30, and I brought little material to work on, and I just story boarded some ideas for some websites.  That was about it.  But, man, to make a long story short, I spent the entire night in the library with Su.  We just talked about all types of things.  Man, I can’t even see ourselves getting old of eachother.  Just, so much to talk about all the time.  I’m just learning so much more about her everyday, it’s so cool.  She did her chinese, and did some artwork while I just enjoyed talking to her now and then and just watching her.  I found myself just staring at her for a couple hours…  Man, so krazy… her and I.  I don’t know where I’m going with it, but, Lord, it’s been fun.  If this is all it is ever gonna be, then, man, it has been worth it.  Just learning more about her and just being her friend.  Your plan Lord, Your deal.  I can only hope and wish that I had it my way, but, Your decision, of course.  I eventually wandered around the place for awhile and happened across some really good material for my 3304 class presentation about gender and sex roles.  That was kinda interesting.  So, I checked out about 7 books from this flaming library.  Word.  But, around, 5, I started dozing off.  And, I guess, I fell asleep.  I kept waking up like every 15 min it seemed, and eventually, I found that Su was asleep as well.  Haha.  That was funnie.  But, she’s army Su, so, she was eventually up doing her stuff and what not.  She’s so amazing.  I dunno what to think about her.  You know, it was really neat, we both made origami flowers, the same way!  Man, so many things… so many similarities.  Why is this a temptation Lord?  Why are all these things so close… Why do I find myself so connected with her?  Is this something You want Lord, or something I want?  I can only hope that it is something You want Lord.  But, anyways, it was the first time I spent the entire night in the library.  Slept there, for goodness sake.  I don’t think it will be my last though.  I sort of liked it.

Su had class at 8, so we headed out.  I checked out my books, and then headed back to my dorm to get an hour of extra sleep.  Didn’t make me feel much better, but, right now, strangely, I feel kinda good and awake.  I had asked You for strength Lord, and You have given me it.  Thanks a bunch!  Went to my two classes, mad boring, and uh got my new cd, as i had mentioned… all im waiting for now is my eggos and 2 dreamweaver books… where the heck are they…?

I had asked Binna yesterday if she could go see “Limon Dance Company” with me on the 7th of feb.  Her b-day is the 4th.  I wonder if I did the right thing.  I could tell from her tone in our conversation that she wasn’t feeling too good.  She seemed very… pensive, sad, almost.  I asked Su about it, and she confirmed my suspicion, and she mentioned that Binna is just trying to figure out God’s plan for her and is getting frustrated with it.  I hope I’m not complicating things for her.  God, that is so selfish to think that way, but, seriously, I don’t want her to think too hard… God, maybe I should talk to her about my invitation…  I just want her company, nothing more.  I just don’t want it to read the wrong way, ne?  Hmm…  Binna also asked me if I was interested in teaching some 7th graders at kcpc.  I’ll ask Pastor Joo about it. 

Trying, slowly, to fill out my form for Campus Crusade.  I’m gonna start going to it at tech and not concentrating on ACF.  If I’m gonna do Campus Crusade this summer, I might as well get myself adjusted to the atmosphere and get to know some people.  Just another challenge, and not being in an all asian gathering will be good for me as well.  I know that thru these new experiences Lord, You are gonna teach me so much.  I just hope I’m just prepared for these things and learning more about You.

Petakun called me and busted 275×2!!!  thats tight.  I knew he’d be able to pull that.  He’s a bad mother.

Today, I have a pysch experiment I have to goto at 2, and then, I guess I’ll go back and do some webdevel, finally, and uh, then, coffee house tonight with ACF… maybe.  But, I’m not sure.  ANd, I have to study for psych test friday.  But, it seems, that I have everything in control, which is kinda cool.  Oh, yeah, and I have to write everyone for prayer meeting when I get back.  Can’t forget to do that.

Ok, I’m gonna just chill for the next hour and a half.  Until my psych thingy.

God, You are putting so many new things in my life right now, I’m not sure what to make of them.  I just hope You keep me focused on You, and that i’m doing everything for You and staying righteous in Your eyes.  Lord, I’m excited and scared and anxious about the future sometimes.  But, more excited…  Still, I have to stay on my toes to keep myself in check and stay safe.  Lord, be with me and just love me Lord.  Just love me completely.  I know You do.