Hiring: Sometimes I Get It Right

Big news! I made my first hire this week! I captured a little bit of the magic on the vlog:

I can’t wait to introduce him to the larger community!

I’m most grateful for all of the amazing folks who spent time with me in the past few months and I wish all of them an incredible 2020!

This is going to be a great year for all of us and I wish I could have hired most of them as there were some definite candidates that were… kickass! Here’s a note that I got from one candidate that was super-encouraging:

“Laid back” is literally one of the goals of mine in every interview. Chill af.

I’ve made a lot of mistakes when it comes to hiring top talent — all I want to do is to simply get better, every single time I build a new project and form a new team.

Sometimes, I get it right.

Hiring talented folks for your early-stage project can be very challenging but the fundamentals never really change:

  1. Start with authenticity (i.e. being authentic). This is harder than it sounds and most folks struggle to present their company honestly and personally in a way that doesn’t sound overly-practiced or rehearsed…
  2. … because being authentic helps you become more relaxed and when that happens the candidate ends up relaxing more as well…
  3. … and when that happens more transparent, fluid, and useful conversation threads can happen. We end up learning much more about the person this way and real connection can happen quickly.

When these things happen you end up creating a somewhat bespoke and personalized experienced (at least it feels super-personalized). And, if you’re lucky, you can make such an impression where they will actively evangelize your company, even if they didn’t get an offer letter!

That’s a very good ROI, if I do say so myself!

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