Do You Blog During the Holiday Season?

One of the points of tension for many bloggers is whether or not they should blog during some of the major calendar events, like holidays and other such days.

In a nutshell I’ll just lay it out there and say that I’m a fan of simply doing what you’ve committed to do in terms of your own goals and sticking with them throughout the holiday season.

In other words, I’m all about low-stress during these particular times and not having the mental battle or anxiety of whether you should or shouldn’t spend time on your digital property.

The point is that you should be committed to your goal way before the actual holiday seasons arrive. Pre-plan your strategy and then feel good about it.

If you’re planning on blogging or spending time online then you’ve already (probably) booked out some alone time to do just that. If you’re not writing during the holiday season then you’re already booked up anyways!

Personally I make every attempt to write every single day¬†as part of not just my “job” but also as an act of commitment to my craft. I’m not the world’s best writer and even though I’m not shooting for that title I do want to get better and the fine art and discipline of daily moving thoughts into a concise expression of words is part of that practice.

That means, for me, that I’m writing every single day of the year. It’s my 10,000 hours, so to speak, and I’m not sure I’m there yet.

So what did you commit to? What will you commit to during the next holiday season?