10 Things I Do for my Blog During the Holidays


I especially appreciate the holiday season and any understood vacation days that our country celebrates because it gives me an opportunity to set aside some specific and intentional time to review a number of things about my blog.

And for some reason I feel more motivated during a break in my typical schedule to do a few things that I probably hold off on doing during the week. Funny how that works, right?

But here are 10 things that I do during a long break (like Thanksgiving and Christmas) for my blog:

  1. Review traffic patterns to a greater depth. I look for outliers and fringe traffic days. I study the “why” and the “how” as it relates to those numbers.
  2. I update any WordPress plugins that may need updating. What does this mean? It means that I don’t update the moment a new update appears in my dashboard! I read up on the changes, see if anyone has had any significant upgrade issues, and test it on a demo server.
  3. I prune my categories and migrate posts to other categories that I wasn’t fully sold on when I published.
  4. I review comments that I had marked out as “actionable” and draft starter posts.
  5. I review and re-evaluate my yearly goals to see if I’m on track. I admit defeat for some and celebrate victories when appropriate.
  6. I blog as little as possible and instead draft more.
  7. I test and install new plugins and/or 3rd party systems and applications to see potential benefit. Not as many people pay attention to changes during the holidays so I can get away with more! Any extra development is prioritized during holidays and breaks.
  8. I spend more time reading other people’s blogs and commenting on their properties and spend any excess time when available to respond on my own. I feel this is a healthy and worthwhile thing to do and helps me stay more connected with other bloggers.
  9. I prune my RSS Feeds that I subscribe to and spend time curating.
  10. I do a thorough clean up of my databases and spend time optimizing my systems for performance.  “Spring cleaning” happens more than just in the spring time!

What are some things that you get to do when you’ve got a bit more time to do it, especially on vacations and the holidays? Love to hear it!