How To Know What to Work On

I was having coffee with a friend this past week and we were chatting about new projects, especially since he was trying to decide which one to pursue after having closed down his previous venture.

I had some ideas but my own process for deciding what (and when…?!) I should do with my own time! It did remind me of a quote I was told and I repeated this to him:

Try a ton of different things. Then, focus more energy and time on the things that are working. That’s it.

Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure where I had heard this as I’d like to give credit to someone because it obviously “stuck” with me for a little bit of time.

My friend agreed that this simple approach might just make the most sense and I asked him to let me know how the experiment goes (perhaps I’ll loop back with him on this in a few months or so).

This piece of advice is very similar to the advice that I’ve been known to give: Just execute, experiment, and see what happens. Adding a time-boxing element is also very helpful.

Bad is where you start:

And this is how I became my own little version of a Full-Stack Founder: