How Long Can I Be the ‘New’ Guy? – 1 Year at North Point Ministries


Today is my 1 Year Anniversary at North Point Ministries.

To be quite honest, this has been the fastest year of my entire life (as well as the fullest) and it feels like it’s only been a few days since I started here as their Creative Web Director.

Whoa. Someone pull a time-out please, because I’m not quite ready to not be the “new” guy. I want to fly that banner for a tad bit longer, ok?

I want to be the n00b as long as I possibly can.

So, what have I learned in the past year? Plenty. But there’s one thing that was said to me in the first couple weeks of starting that I’ll never forget:

You won’t do much your first year or even two. It’ll be more about developing your character than anything else.

imanoobWhile I understand what they meant I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot. What’s scary is that if the first year was this eventful then what is the second year going to look like?

If I feel like I’ve accomplished a lot (and who knows honestly what that word means…) then what will I “accomplish” this coming year (the hope is that I’ll accomplish more… … but who knows, maybe I’ll flame up and be stupid and do nothing with my life…)?

And although God has been faithfully working on my character to a huge extent there’s so much more work to be done; much more refining that is required, many more character-lessons to be learned.

As I take a brief look at the last year and head into the next I’m humbled by the opportunities afforded me and the grace given to me by my management, my peers, and those that I’ve been able to serve.

Thanks for the support, the encouragement, and the timely words that were absolutely necessary for the sake of the ministry and God’s Glory (and for my own sake gosh darn it!).

It’s been a good year. Thanks so much, but I still want to be the ‘new’ guy… can I keep the label for just one more year?