How to Be a Great Software Engineer?

There is only one way:

Doing it.

He continues:

Showing up seems to be the secret to getting good at most things. I programmed when I was in high school, and it was all I did because I didn’t have anything else going on—fortunately. Programming was my hobby, and I always had some project I was trying to implement. I think there’s no substitute for doing a lot of programming because you just can’t get really good in a short amount of time. It certainly took me years before I would say I was any good.

I 💯 agree… showing up, doing the work, made me a better software programmer and a better thinker as well. In fact… just showing up has worked for pretty much everything in life!

And, I didn’t necessarily have to be super-amazing either… if I could get the job done, despite my inexperience at the time, it really didn’t matter as I was learning the skills for a lifetime.

Now, I didn’t have this perspective and I was often frustrated with my own growth, but, I was far too interested and far too curious about this world to stop doing it. So, I just kept at it.

Just like writing every day, publicly, for the last 18+ years on my blog. This craft is, without question, even more difficult because I cover the “messier” parts of life all the time (like this recently).

But, I still show up for “work” every single day. And now I know that I am making progress, that I am getting better, and that it counts and it matters – in the long-run I imagine that I’ll see all of this 20/20.

Until then… I’ll keep showing up and doing it.