HR Meets Science via Google

Prasad Setty, Vice President of People Analytics & Compensation at Google, moderated a panel on using data to make better people decisions. Google uses data and analytics to inform all its people decisions, from choosing benefits options to promotions to hiring. Setty explained Google’s methodical approach starts with looking at the existing research, developing a new hypothesis, and then testing it internally.


I think the most fascinating thing is the fact that Prasad never thought he’d be in HR:

If you’d asked me in business school if I would be spending time in HR, I would’ve laughed, because I thought HR was soft and fluffy and that I had no intuition for people issues…

This is so cool:

Setty oversaw the creation of “PiLab,” a team of scientists and researchers (the number fluctuates throughout the year) who work within HR and delve into organizational issues, grappling with questions such as, “How do we build a decision-making system that avoids cognitive errors?” and, “How do we prove the impact good managers have, and then make more of them?”

Huh. Neat.

And… at the very end, priming gratitude is huge. Listen and consume that wisdom. I love it. I think gratitude is a fundamental part of an individual’s success (and the corporate success as well).

Life isn’t an algorithm… and we don’t intend to make it one.