Exchanging Gifts

Yesterday I had the opportunity to hang out with a bunch of other Founder CEOs and build a bit of community.

Hard Things Club #000

We shared our stories, our struggles, and a pretty decent breakfast meal via Wise Sons!

One of the things that I told the group in the beginning was this:

I believe that I have something to give to each of you, but I am not sure what specifically that is. I also believe that each one of you have something to give me and I cannot wait to receive it!

And that is exactly what happened.

Their presence was life-giving to me and many, many gifts were exchanged yesterday – I am excited to it again!

Theres something magical that happens when you get a small group of passionate, committed, and driven people together who want to support, encourage, and challenge each other to be their very best.

We need more of these types of gatherings – I know that I do.